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Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt : Live accidental guitar, filmed on location at the King Kong Klub Berlin ,Germany Berlin DIENSTbar Noise Festival
 Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt : Live accidental guitar,
filmed on location at the
King Kong Klub Berlin ,Germany
Berlin DIENSTbar Noise Festival
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt : Live accidental guitar,
filmed on location at the
King Kong Klub Berlin ,Germany
Berlin DIENSTbar Noise Festival

curated by Markus Schwill (Ohmnoise)
June 16 2009 ,
video filmed by Angela Grasser
:: solo performance

‘Russia’s Full of Queers’: free benefit album highlighting Russia’s new anti-LGBT laws Compiled by friend of Dangerous Minds Elizabeth Veldon, and available as a free download from the net label Black Circle, Russia’s Full of Queers is a 29 track album designed to highlight the abuse of LGBT people’s rights curre

Compiled by friend of Dangerous Minds Elizabeth Veldon, and available as a free download from the net label Black Circle, Russia’s Full of Queers is a 29 track album designed to highlight the abuse of LGBT people’s rights currently being passed as law in several Russian cities. Elizabeth says:

This album is a response to proposed laws in Russia that would outlaw any discussion of homosexuality, bisexuality or transgenderism.

The artists involved gave their tracks free and in many cases produced work to a tight (24 hour) schedule.

There is a wide variety of styles here from Harsh Noise through weird Jazz Cut-Ups to Hip Hop and Ambient.

We only ask that you sign the online petition against these laws and pass the word on.

Alone our voices are tiny, when raised together we can change the world.


"Definitely the most labor-intensive track I ever made, containing 323 samples! I took a random track from every artist who ever released an album on Sirona Records (either solo/split/collab) and took a short sample of it." Bedawang

"Definitely the most labor-intensive track I ever made, containing 323 samples! I took a random track from every artist who ever released an album on Sirona Records (either solo/split/collab) and took a short sample of it." Bedawang

List of artist/tracks used:

'cancer' - E Fu Così Che Lo Ione Si Innamorò Dell'Anione
..quite simply...CUNT - Grinding Autumn Crust
10Konekt - Toystory 11
269 - On Va Niquer Ta MŠre
2nnt - Speed Is For Faggots
3Music - Music Of The Law (Part III)
A Beautiful Lotus - Childs Song
A.n.K.h ;; - The Oversight
After Midnight Technically Tomorrow - Bitcrush on you
ahtictap - daha (feat. razxca voices)
Alex - Ringer
Alex Spalding - In Essence
Alexander Kibanov - Sea Waves Abstraction In The Deepest Night
Alyiann - Gravity Escalation
Anarkya - ANAlog 09
Animals In Denial - The Beauty In Mistakes
Antoine Young - Rise Up
Arfus - Noxillate
Argerh - Mordwut
Argiflex - Live @ Hey Joe's in Cleveland, MS 01-11-11
Army of 2600 - Happy ending massage
Ars Sonor - Hold My Hand
Aseptic Void - Gorge
Atom80mb - Cure For The Sickness (ft. RiN)
Autosomal - No Future (for the Next Generation)
Avs_Silvester - Boiled Sausage of System
AxBxNx - Extreme Boring
Bachrodi - When Our Eyes Met
Balogh - I Ain't Your Cyber Bitch
Bash Nova - Kinlet
Bastard Child - A Cool Night Air
Basura - BRB
Bedawang - Weeping World
Beira - yxxoB
Bird Paradigma - Bitter
Bouwakanja - Gally
Bradley The Buyer - Murder Is Sexy
Breakmaster Cylinder - Day Five (Imperial Palace-Hotel TV)
Bye-Product - Closet Generation
c4 - Transcend
Circuit Demon - Seventies Porn Anthem
Clockwork Keyboard - 7 Trumpets (Tomatoes Orblivion Dancer 12'' Mix)
Consistency Nature - A Toast To Come, Catastrophe!
Corroded Master - Marching
Covolux - Bipolar
Creix - Sweet Carnage
Croak - Devils Reject
Cunt Fuckula - Suffocation, my Master
Cybo - Now That They're Watching (Stendeck Reconstructed)
Cyril M. - Entailles
d0x10 - Rabid Odour
Dairyola - I Can't Take It Anymore
Danny Rasor - AlleGAYtions
Dark Isle - Frozen Evening By Candlelight
Darksider - Space explorer
Davide Cantile - The Old Man In The Woods And A Dead Body In His Arms
Dawktah - OCD
Demenseed - Dr Werk
Demolay - Sir›na
Dental Work - Panic City + Uptown Girls + MotherWeekend At Rostov's + Taco HellBout It Bout It + Circus D.O.A
Diana Alvarez - Honrado Al Futuro
Die Society Die - Conflict
Dinosaur Youth - Regret
Discombobulated Gringo Postpeople - Murmurs From A Faraway Planet
Dithyramb & ∆rchitect - IV
Dj Hlo - Fuck My Life Megamix 2011
Dj PsyMazZz Vs Inna - Hot
DJ Scratchin' - Eruption
djozr - we are all the same person
Dominik T - Truly Something
Doombox - Tzolkin
Doomettes - Presidents' Day
Dr. Else Hauf - Night Sadness
D‘dal SphallÐlalia - Abysmal
D›d Beverte - Fields Of Hell
E-Shine - Techno Wonders
Earth Incubator - No Fucking Way Out (Pop-Punk Remix)
Ech(o) - The Memory Box
Ecliptic - Straylight
Ed Gein Motherfucker - Killing Her, Killing Him
Ed Wayne Lefski - 4am
Elechronica - REM
Electro Plus - Miss Robot
Electronic World - Sleepwalker And Hypnotize
Emerge - Weld 2
Erebus Redemption - A Fearless Minion
Ethnomite Pux - Cyber Mantra
EthnoTronic - Phorms
Euan Cai Atkinson - When We're On Holiday
EugeneKha - Mechanic sex (Cocaine Bear remix)
Evert Jan Smink - M
Expert Toneless - Khaos Malicious
Fabiorosho - MSB (more sick beats)
Fatal Injection - Siege [Ambient]
Flashroyal - A Cup Of Black Tea
Flat Affect - Wicked And Detestible Sedation
Fog - Buried Beneath The Winter Sun
Francesco Lenzi - magic lantern
Frau Greifer - Piano Improvisation By The Masked Emperor
Galati - Northern Lights
Galaxy Cruzer - The Artifact
Gen 26 - Chapter 26
Genetic Trance - Rainbow Trance
GHOST - yfirgefin
Ghryzly Atoms - One Eyed King
Glanko - Telekommand A
glasscarpenter - Dusty Hallucination
Golgotha Communications Ltd. - Die Kleine Katerina
Graffiti Mechanism - track 2
Gr¡msv”tn - The Evening Twlight (Currently Un-released)
H-LR - Elzepam
Hectic Head - Why You
Hexagon Sun - Wherever The Rays Take Us
Hjiiemo`dinji - Nn'ej
Hlo - I Wish Drugs Had No Down Sides
HoodooEngine - Nefarius
Hugo - No Climax
Hynra - Mandrive
Hrle - Tortura
I Get HIV On Television - Torpid Love
Iamdeadsmiles58 - The Reapers Grave Buried In The Woods
iampervert - maybe, you'll never be alive
Ichtyor Tides - Sath Eart Transmission
Icolmkill - We Am Further Back
Ike Harold - Alway's
iky iky - Summer Time
Infinite Quazar - Astral Evening
Iranon - Strange Critters
Isoleren Lawaai - Sonaat
isteronproject - soliloquio magnetico
J-Rocks ft. Thufail Alghifary - Tersesal (Hynra Remix)
Jack Anderton - La Caroline (Paris   Beuvry)
JackJack - Are You There
James Doesn't Exist - Hardest Fucks
Jansky - Lost Towns
Jared C. Balogh - Stars, Galaxies And Universes
Jason Kavanagh - Form Factor
Jaydea Lopez - Inside the Machines
Jii-Music - Ring Of Saturn
jjoth - JAH
Johan Ess - Occult Celebrity
John 3-16 - Dissasembly of The Self by FluiD (John 3_16 Holy Sacrifice Remix)
Joseph Anton - The Infiltrator
Julia Van Der Piller - Slow runner to frozen hills
Junkielover - Nightmares
K1r Loco - Не засыпать
Kai Nobuko - Toledo City
Kalciy a.k.a Ca - Smoke Session 2012
Kamikaze Deadboy - A Last Time For Everything
Kanellos - Lie In Wait
KaraKara - The Pride in Being a Nerd
KargO - The Smelly sOng
Kenji Siratori - Dazzle Mushroom Dedicated To Yayoi Kusama
Kez le zek - msx feat miss vapockracker
Khaotek - General Error
Kloudio - Emily And Me
Kn'K - Glory Seekers
Kolben - Randombeat5
Konsumprodukt - Formely known as Azerbaijan
Koobaatoo Asparagus - Travel With Me Threw Yer Inner Minds Eye
Kr(A)sTY - Room 101, Die Alone
Kraiola - Reverb Area
Krzysztof Mlynczak - Flashback
KTNISH - Rx 100mg
L.m.n.o.p - Letter.Number.Number Letter Letter By 25
Laisse Sheila Tranquille - Moto Raven - Rehearsal 2007
Les Detectives Sauvages - Stoner Age
Lethean Dew - Reseau
Lezet - Extended Piano Piece 5
LiL - The Gate II
Loose Link And Option Command - Karramantha
Lunatic Finnshits - Live Noisecore Fuckaround (29.4.2012)
Lynch Kingsley - Revolution Of You & Me
M.F.H. - This Mortal Coil
Mala Culebra - Lamentazione
Marc Broude - PsychologicalWarfare
Mars Of The Thing - Steel Glint
Master Toad - Vous seul pouvez d‚couvrir vous-mˆme
Masticx - Melodica Deathship Tribute
Material Action - Mixed Emotions
Meklabor - Haze (Guitar Version)
Melted Cassettes - Shock Sickness Live
Mental D-struction - N__
Metek - A Wonderful Illusion
mhz312 - Cobweb + Tall Grass
Michael Carrier - Drugstep Anthem
Microbit Project - Lovers Of Factory Assemblage (Bonus track)
Microwaved - I Can't Let You Go
Mikhail Yousiv - Dr. Skidmore
Mists Of Poveglia - Tranquil Tokes
Mitä - Gloomslumber
Mock The Masses - HealeaH
Monster Weird - Mushroom Dialogue
Moonsugar - Hollow Of The Night's Abyss
mr.Bull - Tales for a Man without Soul
Mr.Flag - Dark Desires Mix
Mstr Cylndr - Children Bearing Arms
Mu.alpha - Mu VIII
MushroomWavved Collar - Intellegent Wave
Mystified - Chiller
NAHN - Mary Ann, Her Umbrella and Two Kitties
Name Your Fear - Too Young
Nandi - Again!
Ncomfortable - Get on or get down
Necrodome Inc. - Pain Corridor
neuroSampler - global delete
Ninja16 - New Day
No Cure - Bounch
No Way Out - Shadows From The Space
Noise Of Teeming & 0110 - Maggots In My Leg
Nosens - Critic Of The Asceticism
Nuno Maltez - Unreal Visions (Improvised Live)
O.S.I.S. - Asylum
Obsolète Broadcast SystŠme - The Betelgeuse Gateway
Omega Dub Experience - Rainforests
Once Were Ghosts - Disclaimer
OneTooFreeFor - Hollow Coaster
Oneyeorphic - [hindsight]
Origami Repetika - A Very Loud Maybe Let It Ride Let It Roll
Otto von Rhinau - Affanato
Oz Alchemist - Worms Under The Moon
Painburn - Bombmaster
Paradeigma - Up-Forward
Peppermint Pony - Snake Snack
PL433 - Chaos(EQ is for pussies)
Playing with nuns - Trois mots
Ploof - Neolithic Avians
Pogohm - Audio Suicide
Pollux - End Of A Day (No Future Version)
Porion - Evil Dread
Postmeshische - A1 - Poezd Tronula Ya Vsled
Poulbo - Slow Driver
Psycho Mum - Riff Rough
Psykiatriks - Sa Fretille Dans Ton Cerveau Mix
Pumpking - The Reaper
Pushing Task - Track2
Q - Fluid
Quik Dark - Mixmixmixmixmixmixxxxxonetek
Qumesht - I Love Sad Leg
R. Lobster - Dada is empty, me too
R45 - Realm 604 [Media]
Rainbow Valley - Antisolar
Randomatik Blast - King For A Day
Razxca - More wept
Red Wine Riots - Enigmatic (P.SUS Remix)
Rejekts - Asettico
Reset Thinking - Amp Water
RO-or - mcrophn
Robotic Joe - Confirmation # VS 888
roMeow - Stoner Keyboard Love (Tape)
Sanfeel - Sunset
Sascha Mller - Untitled 2
Sasha Darko - The Odyssey 2010
Scanner Unit - Live At Friends Of Sagittarius 2 (14.June.2011)
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - The Dead Sea Community
Shadowgrave - The Omen
Shokushu - Dissonance
Silence The Earth - Nemesis
Sister Soleil - The Drugs Won
Skoz - Sympho Nick
Skull Incision - I Set Meat In Front Of Vegetarians Just To Watch Them Squirm
Skyzo Maniak - Trois 6
Smat - Torcer
Smoggy Oyster Planet - La ronde toxique
Societys Cumshot - Party in the middle
Sodomize Me - The Taste of a rotten Rainbow
Somdravz - Sadly Notorious
SonoreFiction - Paranoia3000
Sound Spread - Our Radical Brain Permutation
Spacebirds - Mars Attacks
Static Noise Bird - Singular Moment of Brutality
Stiverson - Bomber man
StruKtur - Party 2
Substak - Electroflow
Subterrestrial - Ghost Squadron
Sven Meyer - God Complex
Swin Deorin - Entheogen
Syndrôm - Rely On Remains
Syntactic - Rem(a)inders
Takadatek - R_Evolution
Television Sky - Cylinder
Tertiary - Cognitive Confessions
The Borderline Bunnys - riot
The Captain Kirk On LSD Experience - Viole(n)t
The Circulatory System - Broken Bone
THE COLORS THIEVES (M.Nomized & Usher) - Inside
The Hairy Giant - SurroundedBySpiders
The Industrialism - The Hopeless Pursuit of the Irreversible
The KGP - Cicidas (Featuring Jaydea Lopez)
The Merricks - f1
The Mother Fuckeroos - Together We Are Two
The Musk-rat Cult - HydrocynusGoliathFoetus
The Oxy Gens - False Patriots
The Pink Blob - get the fuck out of my cafe
The Un-Zen - Delirium Day
Thomas Baragona - No Lift - No Realization
Tooth_Eye - strickenine aristocracy collapse upon
Totally Pissed Off - Tourtured By Your Reflection
Toth Kina Hegyfaly - Barbarity
Toxic Chienckn - Sexual Liberation For Dummies
Trans Atlantic Rage - Aligning
TTTRRRAAASSSHHH - Snorting Squirel
Undercore X - Brains Under Hammer
V3rb Th3 N0un - Meow!
VARLA & THE CRYPT - L'appartement
Viener Platz - The sum of a body (Feat. Koefoed)
Vincent DeVine - Medusa Komplex
W.x.y.z - For The Last Breath
West_Remi - Inevitable Incident
When Girls Go Through Puberty - Everything You All Lost
Wind Through Forever - 5th day
Xeno - Samsara
xTremLawyer - Hope
Your Name - Euro-Creep
Yozef▼K - Magic leg û72
Zero Nowhere - Flatlands
Zero Piernas - Eye Intuition Third
Zombie Kill Of The Week - JTDC (Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ)
[tlr] - Captain Ahab - Acting Hard
Âtr - Monasterium Furor
Охотники за Головами - Insect Riot
П; Н - Chapter 1

This track is part of a fantastic compilation: "Genre Wheel Of Fortune":
"Each artist picked a random number from 1-50 and was assigned a random genre, then they had to make a track in said genre. It came from the idea of toying with musicians' standard genre of choice and making them work outside their comfort zones. The results are pretty apparent. "

SPNet121 - Various Artists - stench to kill depression

SPNet121 - Various Artists - stench to kill depression

01 - Ars Sonor - Still alive (2:51)
02 - Sven Meyer - Kill depression (6:06)
03 - Pioggia d'ambra - Evening ritual (2:56)
04 - NRYY - musi (5:04)
05 - Bedawang - Durian Despair (3:55)
06 - Der Domestizierte Mensch - There is no reality (5:41)
07 - She Destroys Hope - I can't handle it (4:51; 128kbps)
08 - Flower of Flesh and Blood - Why can't I die (4:42; 192kbps)
09 - PHANTASM NOCTURNES - To Hell and Back (4:21)
10 - Animal Machine - Orgasmic Cephaliga (3:03)
11 - HEADCLEANER - Crimescene (10:16)
12 - Winternight - Poisoned Tears (3:32)
13 - Circle ov Thee Grey - Wee Willem (5:04; 256kbps)
14 - Merciful Gallows - The Last Cut is Fatal (13:50)
15 - Illuminoscilate - Communion Of Filth (6:30)
16 - Skullwall - Dunkelheit (5:42)
17 - Catgirl & Kaelteeinbruch - Black Thoughts Should Be Destroyed With The Hardest Human Power Of Your Own Innerself (4:32)
18 - Toxic Chicken - The Best Depressed (1:58)
19 - (o)†hers - He Brings Me d0wn (3:23)
20 - Wormhead - Depressive smell (4:32)
21 - Pale Sister - Sleep inducing (4:08)
22 - Covolux - Depressed At Home Making Music (2:51)
23 - T.R.I.v.M. - Depressure (6:10)
24 - Luxurious Dagger - I love you Nora, Do you love me? (5:49; 128kbps)
25 - Marax - Emotionally Raw (5:40; 276kbps)
26 - Etsetera - Deep Rest (0:51; 129kbps)
27 - オキシコドン - 虚-Void (6:02)
28 - Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - Black Friday Pow Wow (10:00)
29 - TEKNOCANNIBAAL - Purple Balls Nintendo Game (5:42)
30 - Wear and tear - Utopia (7:02; 192kbps)

Compilation is dedicated to Leigh of Smell The Stench.

SP is Flat Affect/Bastard Child
SPEu is Caelicus Pugna
SProc is Graffiti Mechanism/c4
SPTrash is RedSK
SPOptic is Pollux/Pogohm
SPTOtfSP is the Koala otherwise known as Kai Nobuko
SPNet was Doomettes

For more information, please visit

This audio is part of the collection: SP Net
It also belongs to collection: Netlabels

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Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - Dispatches from The Front Lines

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - Dispatches from The Front Lines

Track 1 from 2 track album DiSpAtChEs fRoM ThE FrOnT LiNe by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt (get your copy here: check out Follow & ♥

"Night on Earth"

 "Night on Earth"
"miniatur mystics film clip" "Night on Earth " exploitation accidental  cinema  and composition   by sean derrick cooper marquardt, music taken from the  album release The Electrocist",
 at Rainbowdiving Butterflies (NET LABEL) .



 performance at kili lounge in berlin/germany
rainbowdiving butterflies festival at sept.3, 2011
with accidental guitar: sean derrick cooper-marquardt,
vuvuzela: jonathan toby burdon,
pet shop sounds: goran takow
and filmed by angela grasser