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"Definitely the most labor-intensive track I ever made, containing 323 samples! I took a random track from every artist who ever released an album on Sirona Records (either solo/split/collab) and took a short sample of it." Bedawang

"Definitely the most labor-intensive track I ever made, containing 323 samples! I took a random track from every artist who ever released an album on Sirona Records (either solo/split/collab) and took a short sample of it." Bedawang

List of artist/tracks used:

'cancer' - E Fu Così Che Lo Ione Si Innamorò Dell'Anione
..quite simply...CUNT - Grinding Autumn Crust
10Konekt - Toystory 11
269 - On Va Niquer Ta MŠre
2nnt - Speed Is For Faggots
3Music - Music Of The Law (Part III)
A Beautiful Lotus - Childs Song
A.n.K.h ;; - The Oversight
After Midnight Technically Tomorrow - Bitcrush on you
ahtictap - daha (feat. razxca voices)
Alex - Ringer
Alex Spalding - In Essence
Alexander Kibanov - Sea Waves Abstraction In The Deepest Night
Alyiann - Gravity Escalation
Anarkya - ANAlog 09
Animals In Denial - The Beauty In Mistakes
Antoine Young - Rise Up
Arfus - Noxillate
Argerh - Mordwut
Argiflex - Live @ Hey Joe's in Cleveland, MS 01-11-11
Army of 2600 - Happy ending massage
Ars Sonor - Hold My Hand
Aseptic Void - Gorge
Atom80mb - Cure For The Sickness (ft. RiN)
Autosomal - No Future (for the Next Generation)
Avs_Silvester - Boiled Sausage of System
AxBxNx - Extreme Boring
Bachrodi - When Our Eyes Met
Balogh - I Ain't Your Cyber Bitch
Bash Nova - Kinlet
Bastard Child - A Cool Night Air
Basura - BRB
Bedawang - Weeping World
Beira - yxxoB
Bird Paradigma - Bitter
Bouwakanja - Gally
Bradley The Buyer - Murder Is Sexy
Breakmaster Cylinder - Day Five (Imperial Palace-Hotel TV)
Bye-Product - Closet Generation
c4 - Transcend
Circuit Demon - Seventies Porn Anthem
Clockwork Keyboard - 7 Trumpets (Tomatoes Orblivion Dancer 12'' Mix)
Consistency Nature - A Toast To Come, Catastrophe!
Corroded Master - Marching
Covolux - Bipolar
Creix - Sweet Carnage
Croak - Devils Reject
Cunt Fuckula - Suffocation, my Master
Cybo - Now That They're Watching (Stendeck Reconstructed)
Cyril M. - Entailles
d0x10 - Rabid Odour
Dairyola - I Can't Take It Anymore
Danny Rasor - AlleGAYtions
Dark Isle - Frozen Evening By Candlelight
Darksider - Space explorer
Davide Cantile - The Old Man In The Woods And A Dead Body In His Arms
Dawktah - OCD
Demenseed - Dr Werk
Demolay - Sir›na
Dental Work - Panic City + Uptown Girls + MotherWeekend At Rostov's + Taco HellBout It Bout It + Circus D.O.A
Diana Alvarez - Honrado Al Futuro
Die Society Die - Conflict
Dinosaur Youth - Regret
Discombobulated Gringo Postpeople - Murmurs From A Faraway Planet
Dithyramb & ∆rchitect - IV
Dj Hlo - Fuck My Life Megamix 2011
Dj PsyMazZz Vs Inna - Hot
DJ Scratchin' - Eruption
djozr - we are all the same person
Dominik T - Truly Something
Doombox - Tzolkin
Doomettes - Presidents' Day
Dr. Else Hauf - Night Sadness
D‘dal SphallÐlalia - Abysmal
D›d Beverte - Fields Of Hell
E-Shine - Techno Wonders
Earth Incubator - No Fucking Way Out (Pop-Punk Remix)
Ech(o) - The Memory Box
Ecliptic - Straylight
Ed Gein Motherfucker - Killing Her, Killing Him
Ed Wayne Lefski - 4am
Elechronica - REM
Electro Plus - Miss Robot
Electronic World - Sleepwalker And Hypnotize
Emerge - Weld 2
Erebus Redemption - A Fearless Minion
Ethnomite Pux - Cyber Mantra
EthnoTronic - Phorms
Euan Cai Atkinson - When We're On Holiday
EugeneKha - Mechanic sex (Cocaine Bear remix)
Evert Jan Smink - M
Expert Toneless - Khaos Malicious
Fabiorosho - MSB (more sick beats)
Fatal Injection - Siege [Ambient]
Flashroyal - A Cup Of Black Tea
Flat Affect - Wicked And Detestible Sedation
Fog - Buried Beneath The Winter Sun
Francesco Lenzi - magic lantern
Frau Greifer - Piano Improvisation By The Masked Emperor
Galati - Northern Lights
Galaxy Cruzer - The Artifact
Gen 26 - Chapter 26
Genetic Trance - Rainbow Trance
GHOST - yfirgefin
Ghryzly Atoms - One Eyed King
Glanko - Telekommand A
glasscarpenter - Dusty Hallucination
Golgotha Communications Ltd. - Die Kleine Katerina
Graffiti Mechanism - track 2
Gr¡msv”tn - The Evening Twlight (Currently Un-released)
H-LR - Elzepam
Hectic Head - Why You
Hexagon Sun - Wherever The Rays Take Us
Hjiiemo`dinji - Nn'ej
Hlo - I Wish Drugs Had No Down Sides
HoodooEngine - Nefarius
Hugo - No Climax
Hynra - Mandrive
Hrle - Tortura
I Get HIV On Television - Torpid Love
Iamdeadsmiles58 - The Reapers Grave Buried In The Woods
iampervert - maybe, you'll never be alive
Ichtyor Tides - Sath Eart Transmission
Icolmkill - We Am Further Back
Ike Harold - Alway's
iky iky - Summer Time
Infinite Quazar - Astral Evening
Iranon - Strange Critters
Isoleren Lawaai - Sonaat
isteronproject - soliloquio magnetico
J-Rocks ft. Thufail Alghifary - Tersesal (Hynra Remix)
Jack Anderton - La Caroline (Paris   Beuvry)
JackJack - Are You There
James Doesn't Exist - Hardest Fucks
Jansky - Lost Towns
Jared C. Balogh - Stars, Galaxies And Universes
Jason Kavanagh - Form Factor
Jaydea Lopez - Inside the Machines
Jii-Music - Ring Of Saturn
jjoth - JAH
Johan Ess - Occult Celebrity
John 3-16 - Dissasembly of The Self by FluiD (John 3_16 Holy Sacrifice Remix)
Joseph Anton - The Infiltrator
Julia Van Der Piller - Slow runner to frozen hills
Junkielover - Nightmares
K1r Loco - Не засыпать
Kai Nobuko - Toledo City
Kalciy a.k.a Ca - Smoke Session 2012
Kamikaze Deadboy - A Last Time For Everything
Kanellos - Lie In Wait
KaraKara - The Pride in Being a Nerd
KargO - The Smelly sOng
Kenji Siratori - Dazzle Mushroom Dedicated To Yayoi Kusama
Kez le zek - msx feat miss vapockracker
Khaotek - General Error
Kloudio - Emily And Me
Kn'K - Glory Seekers
Kolben - Randombeat5
Konsumprodukt - Formely known as Azerbaijan
Koobaatoo Asparagus - Travel With Me Threw Yer Inner Minds Eye
Kr(A)sTY - Room 101, Die Alone
Kraiola - Reverb Area
Krzysztof Mlynczak - Flashback
KTNISH - Rx 100mg
L.m.n.o.p - Letter.Number.Number Letter Letter By 25
Laisse Sheila Tranquille - Moto Raven - Rehearsal 2007
Les Detectives Sauvages - Stoner Age
Lethean Dew - Reseau
Lezet - Extended Piano Piece 5
LiL - The Gate II
Loose Link And Option Command - Karramantha
Lunatic Finnshits - Live Noisecore Fuckaround (29.4.2012)
Lynch Kingsley - Revolution Of You & Me
M.F.H. - This Mortal Coil
Mala Culebra - Lamentazione
Marc Broude - PsychologicalWarfare
Mars Of The Thing - Steel Glint
Master Toad - Vous seul pouvez d‚couvrir vous-mˆme
Masticx - Melodica Deathship Tribute
Material Action - Mixed Emotions
Meklabor - Haze (Guitar Version)
Melted Cassettes - Shock Sickness Live
Mental D-struction - N__
Metek - A Wonderful Illusion
mhz312 - Cobweb + Tall Grass
Michael Carrier - Drugstep Anthem
Microbit Project - Lovers Of Factory Assemblage (Bonus track)
Microwaved - I Can't Let You Go
Mikhail Yousiv - Dr. Skidmore
Mists Of Poveglia - Tranquil Tokes
Mitä - Gloomslumber
Mock The Masses - HealeaH
Monster Weird - Mushroom Dialogue
Moonsugar - Hollow Of The Night's Abyss
mr.Bull - Tales for a Man without Soul
Mr.Flag - Dark Desires Mix
Mstr Cylndr - Children Bearing Arms
Mu.alpha - Mu VIII
MushroomWavved Collar - Intellegent Wave
Mystified - Chiller
NAHN - Mary Ann, Her Umbrella and Two Kitties
Name Your Fear - Too Young
Nandi - Again!
Ncomfortable - Get on or get down
Necrodome Inc. - Pain Corridor
neuroSampler - global delete
Ninja16 - New Day
No Cure - Bounch
No Way Out - Shadows From The Space
Noise Of Teeming & 0110 - Maggots In My Leg
Nosens - Critic Of The Asceticism
Nuno Maltez - Unreal Visions (Improvised Live)
O.S.I.S. - Asylum
Obsolète Broadcast SystŠme - The Betelgeuse Gateway
Omega Dub Experience - Rainforests
Once Were Ghosts - Disclaimer
OneTooFreeFor - Hollow Coaster
Oneyeorphic - [hindsight]
Origami Repetika - A Very Loud Maybe Let It Ride Let It Roll
Otto von Rhinau - Affanato
Oz Alchemist - Worms Under The Moon
Painburn - Bombmaster
Paradeigma - Up-Forward
Peppermint Pony - Snake Snack
PL433 - Chaos(EQ is for pussies)
Playing with nuns - Trois mots
Ploof - Neolithic Avians
Pogohm - Audio Suicide
Pollux - End Of A Day (No Future Version)
Porion - Evil Dread
Postmeshische - A1 - Poezd Tronula Ya Vsled
Poulbo - Slow Driver
Psycho Mum - Riff Rough
Psykiatriks - Sa Fretille Dans Ton Cerveau Mix
Pumpking - The Reaper
Pushing Task - Track2
Q - Fluid
Quik Dark - Mixmixmixmixmixmixxxxxonetek
Qumesht - I Love Sad Leg
R. Lobster - Dada is empty, me too
R45 - Realm 604 [Media]
Rainbow Valley - Antisolar
Randomatik Blast - King For A Day
Razxca - More wept
Red Wine Riots - Enigmatic (P.SUS Remix)
Rejekts - Asettico
Reset Thinking - Amp Water
RO-or - mcrophn
Robotic Joe - Confirmation # VS 888
roMeow - Stoner Keyboard Love (Tape)
Sanfeel - Sunset
Sascha Mller - Untitled 2
Sasha Darko - The Odyssey 2010
Scanner Unit - Live At Friends Of Sagittarius 2 (14.June.2011)
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - The Dead Sea Community
Shadowgrave - The Omen
Shokushu - Dissonance
Silence The Earth - Nemesis
Sister Soleil - The Drugs Won
Skoz - Sympho Nick
Skull Incision - I Set Meat In Front Of Vegetarians Just To Watch Them Squirm
Skyzo Maniak - Trois 6
Smat - Torcer
Smoggy Oyster Planet - La ronde toxique
Societys Cumshot - Party in the middle
Sodomize Me - The Taste of a rotten Rainbow
Somdravz - Sadly Notorious
SonoreFiction - Paranoia3000
Sound Spread - Our Radical Brain Permutation
Spacebirds - Mars Attacks
Static Noise Bird - Singular Moment of Brutality
Stiverson - Bomber man
StruKtur - Party 2
Substak - Electroflow
Subterrestrial - Ghost Squadron
Sven Meyer - God Complex
Swin Deorin - Entheogen
Syndrôm - Rely On Remains
Syntactic - Rem(a)inders
Takadatek - R_Evolution
Television Sky - Cylinder
Tertiary - Cognitive Confessions
The Borderline Bunnys - riot
The Captain Kirk On LSD Experience - Viole(n)t
The Circulatory System - Broken Bone
THE COLORS THIEVES (M.Nomized & Usher) - Inside
The Hairy Giant - SurroundedBySpiders
The Industrialism - The Hopeless Pursuit of the Irreversible
The KGP - Cicidas (Featuring Jaydea Lopez)
The Merricks - f1
The Mother Fuckeroos - Together We Are Two
The Musk-rat Cult - HydrocynusGoliathFoetus
The Oxy Gens - False Patriots
The Pink Blob - get the fuck out of my cafe
The Un-Zen - Delirium Day
Thomas Baragona - No Lift - No Realization
Tooth_Eye - strickenine aristocracy collapse upon
Totally Pissed Off - Tourtured By Your Reflection
Toth Kina Hegyfaly - Barbarity
Toxic Chienckn - Sexual Liberation For Dummies
Trans Atlantic Rage - Aligning
TTTRRRAAASSSHHH - Snorting Squirel
Undercore X - Brains Under Hammer
V3rb Th3 N0un - Meow!
VARLA & THE CRYPT - L'appartement
Viener Platz - The sum of a body (Feat. Koefoed)
Vincent DeVine - Medusa Komplex
W.x.y.z - For The Last Breath
West_Remi - Inevitable Incident
When Girls Go Through Puberty - Everything You All Lost
Wind Through Forever - 5th day
Xeno - Samsara
xTremLawyer - Hope
Your Name - Euro-Creep
Yozef▼K - Magic leg û72
Zero Nowhere - Flatlands
Zero Piernas - Eye Intuition Third
Zombie Kill Of The Week - JTDC (Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ)
[tlr] - Captain Ahab - Acting Hard
Âtr - Monasterium Furor
Охотники за Головами - Insect Riot
П; Н - Chapter 1

This track is part of a fantastic compilation: "Genre Wheel Of Fortune":
"Each artist picked a random number from 1-50 and was assigned a random genre, then they had to make a track in said genre. It came from the idea of toying with musicians' standard genre of choice and making them work outside their comfort zones. The results are pretty apparent. "

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