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[WaW036] New Weird Berlin

19 Aug 2010

Download the whole release HERE (from Sonicsquirrel)
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We are not minimal. We are not maximal. We are not Fernsehturm. We are not Brandenburger Tor. We are not Berghain. We are not Mauerpark.
We are the new weird Berlin – The new Berlin underground – And I am not talking about public transport.
WeirdAndWired is proud to present music by Gelbart, Pato, Dorothy of the Day, The Shock Technician, Strange Forces, Mauskopf, Floq, Krach the Robot, Zimmer, OneTooFreeFor, Joris J, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Goreky, and Ratbag + Bonequi.
Thanks to all contributers.
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massju & Wolfseule @ WeirdAndWired

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