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The Midnight Madness Hour

so are you all nice and tucked in...

The Midnight Madness Hour

by Martin Nbtproject on Sunday, 26 June 2011 at 18:14

so are you all nice and tucked in? quietly now and we shall begin, with our scary late night tales

NBTMusicRadio presents Midnight Madness

midnight (Berlin time) and repeated at 6am which is Midnight (New York time)

please note i have jammed FOUR hours into this ONE hour so if you dont hear a band/tune u want then it will come up tomorrow or the next day for sure

iTunes: NBTMusicRadio

1)Lucid Nation

a sultry sliver of riot girl mixed with power chord prowling and late night howling.

2)The Merricks

the tribal beat disturbance, noise ambience in miniature boxes

3)Live Jimi Presley

after the chaos, its strange to realise how fragile their yearning heart could be

4)VBI/Count Vanilla/Blue Screams of Death

the monster awakes, shambles across to the stage, strobe light stutters with dread

5)Jean Montag

6)Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt



some prophets see the end of things and just burst out crying, others create a different music to ease our souls

9)Max Carmichael

no wave into world into slight jazz jive into folk into punk


The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Carolyn Hester, Helado Negro

Cosmetics, Chris and Cosey, C Cat Trance, The Trip,

Thee Headcoatees, Eyeless In Gaza, Swell Maps

Bush Tetras, Bear In Heaven, CloudDead, Arthur Russell

Mathew Dear, The Knife, Dean Carter, Gil Batemen,

Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, The Ready Men

Electric Prunes, Flying Lotus, M83,

iTunes: NBTMusicRadio

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