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New Disturbances In the Force : Saint Marie Record Label on the Midnight Madness Hour

New Disturbances In the Force : Saint Marie Record Label on the Midnight Madness Hour

by Martin Nbtproject on Wednesday, 19 October 2011 at 16:42

Featured heavily and all over the Midnight Madness Hour on the NBTMusicRadio are artists from

Saint Marie Records

Midnight (berlin) 6pm (New York) AND Midnight (New York) 6am (Berlin)


Drowner: (pictured)

floating never seemed so dangerous, so damn scary and sensual all at the same time, dreamPop yes, but what is whispered there are the come-ons from half seen reflections in your window, late winter evenings.

Patrik Torrson:

lo fi, barely there, overheard thoughts slip out from a crowded elevator


BoyPoP distored thru the most hazy electronica


A sound for when the war is just seconds over, when there is confusion about who won and who has been utterly defeated. This is the sound of the time before hope and just after despair.

Sunshine Factory:

This is the modern blues, the city blues, the machine blues all rusted and shiver sharp, why wait for the MBV reformation when there is the Sunshine Factory.

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and dont forget all these artists popping into the Midnight Madness hour when they feel like it

András László Weil Fischer diPalotta, Arthur Russell, Birthday Party, Bodi Bill, Chris and Cosey, Corroded Master, Dirty Projectors, Dry Greed, Lene Lovich, Low, Max Carmichael, The Merricks, Morton Subotnick, Neutral Milk Hotel, Sonic Youth, STEKK FD, Wire, Zoomonk, EMA, John Palmer, Kevin Ayers, MaCu, Maps, Seu Jorge, Sons and Daughters,The Antlers, The Creatures, Amiina, Mauro Picotto, Yma Sumac, Blixa Bargeld, Brandt Bauer Frick, Holger Czukay, James Hardway, Juana Molina, Lia Ices, Peter Hammill, Swell Maps, David Bowie, King Crimson,Miulew, Mouse On Mars, My Gloomy Machine, Official Secrets Act, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Sparklehorse, Adam Balbo, Countless Thousands, Karima Francis, My Bloody Valentine, My Brightest Diamond,Radio Rats, Saint Etienne, St Vincent, WorryTrain, the Fall, ATV, Beth Gibbons, Big Star, Darklily, Julie Andrews, Marilyn Roxie,Planningtorock, Those Dancing Days. Lucid Nation,VBI

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