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Effluvia Recordings

Effluvia Recordings

(ER019) Pollux & Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – A Brief History Of The End

What else can I say but this? “A Brief History Of The End” is among the most immensely profound and emotionally convicting splits i’ve yet heard in the netlabel supernova. After walking my shoes worn around foreign environments, I chose to take a day to relax and enjoy the splendor of hiatus. Passive in mind, thinking petite little musings. Then, like a heavenly hand from the puffy clouds on high, Arnaud Barbe of “Pollux”, who you know and love, submits this demo. A split collaboration between his addictive self and one of the most challenging and abstract musicians residing in our flourishing archives, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt. An architect of perilous textures that exuberate the organic compounds of our life and the world from which it erupts. A constructor of otherwordly molds that provide a metaphysical ass spanking followed by affirmation. In what? Difficult to say. Such a cacaphonous ephipheny, his soundscapes. Chaotic, yet masterfully realized and shrewdly executed, revealing in a particularly eerie track the absurd mildew emissions of modern humanity. This accompanied with the all pervading emotional dissectors of Arnaud Barbe’s intuitive genius makes for an epic listening conquest. Deeply hypnotizing and intoxicating, the ambiant outings of Pollux are lambent universes of their own, luminated by awe and emotional sensitivity that unconditionally welcomes you to surrender in cerebral ebbing. These two musicians have utilized their respective crafts to design the vibes of the apocalypse. Not the world exploding back into stardust, but rather an armageddon inside. The revelations of what the end is, and how we hover over it always. This album screams. My day is passive no longer.

Album: A Brief History Of The End

Artist: Pollux & Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

Bitrate: 128 kbps

Format: mp3

Genre: Drone, Dark Ambient, Abstract Noise


Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt:

October 2011



1. Pollux – Rain In Your Face & Stress In Your Mind (3:40)

2. Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – The Presentation Of Ecclesiastical Fashions (4:06)

3. Pollux – Random System Suicide (8:53)

4. Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – A Brief History Of Talls Building (2:06)

5. Pollux – End Of Seasons (4:07)

6. Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Valley Of The Queens (10:05)

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