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Sean Derrick Cooper Marquard

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt


Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, is a composer of experimental sunburnt soundscapes , the developer of the accidental guitar method , producer, founder, and curator of Friends of Sagittarius Records,he also makes” miniatur film clips” to the release of his compositions. His new album “Gesang der Geister will be released and distributed (CD and digital download) via AVACHORDA (2010). Seine Musik wurde u.a. in Deutschland ( rainbowdiving butterflies , format noise, knochensache , Krautnoise ) verlegt , in Brasilien ( menthe de chat ) , Mexico ( A.M.P.

REC. ) , Portugal ( Editora Do Porto ) , Spain ( audiotalaia netlabel ) , England ( Industrial Culture, Electronic Musik ) , Frankreich ( Vaatican Records) , Österreich (BLEAK ) , Irland ( Flugelrad Records ) , Japan ( Silent novels Rec., SODOMA RECORDS ) , Belgien (FF HHH Records, Sarutra’s Music, und Mandai Distribution) Belgien , Niederlande (STRONT REC ), , Zagreb Kroatien ( slusaj najglasnije! Rec. ) , Egypt ( massimo croce ) , Australia ( To Hip To Hop Tapes ) , Italien ( VJGrecords, SfintRecords ) , Russia ( Clinical Archives ) , Ukraine ( Oldturtles Tapes Records ) , Minsk- Belarus ( HAZE netlabel ) und in den USA ( Planetarium Records, Love Torture Records, Sounds Abound (Free Media Archive), kittyonfirerecords, Audio Sodomy Records, Amduscias Records , pigeon pop records, Placenta Recordings, deepwhitesound.com, und Tethered Record http://thesweetestnoise.com/2011/01/17/geister/ http://wp.me/p4eaZ-co * http://www.vimeo.com/16657554 * http://www.avachorda.de/seandcm-press/ * http://www.avachorda.de/01ava_sean-derri… * http://www.myspace.com/seandcmarquardt * http://www.avachorda.de/ * http://www.avachorda.de/sean-derrick-coo… — Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt is performance-künstler and creator and live performer of the accidental guitarist concept , SDC Marquardt makes and performs live to silent and independent films music, making dream like patterns based upon improvisation, and SDC Marquardt DJs in various locations of berlins nightlife, SDC Marquardt is guitarist of the Berlin electro dj, laptop, project ( Electro Sushi), SDC Marquardt is guitarist of the dance and theater composer project (Tradishion ) with Paul Hines former member of Test Department / SDC MARQUARDT is active member of (The RADIOACTIVE ENSEMBLE) / SDC MARQUARDT is founding member of (HILDEGUARD )”Leg Dich hin und warte bis die Bilder kommen” (n.UR-Kult, 2001) with GUIDO MÖBIUS and TOBY BURDON former member of TEST DEPARTMENT / SDC Marquardt is founding member of ( The Return of The Think Thing) The RotTTen Berlin Recordings listen/watch ::: Berlin Recordings ::: The Birds Too ::: The RotTT at Kunstpunkt Berlin (mov / 22MB)-read on ::: krachcom blog on the Berlin Recordings- / venues since 1997 are Kunstpunkt Berlin – Engler & Pieper Gallery – Berlin – The Thing, Frankfurt/Main – Bergstueb’l, Berlin – Juni-Radio-Show, bootlab Berlin – launch option at BüroFriedrich, Berlin – Twen FM, Berlin -Juniradio-EIMER BERLIN-Codelab & friends – Sean Marquardt, , – research zone for generative systems presents activities developed during the recent in-residency-phase in Podewil, Berlin.
Immunologie (angefragt) Detlev Schneider und Johannes Wilms vom TESLA im Podewil’schen Palais sowie The Return of the Think Thing Vol 13 mit Manuel Bonik (archiver, turntables), Michaela Caspar (text, vocals), Chris Chroma (feedback trombone, musical toys), Till von Heiseler (dramarama), Sean Marquardt (guitar, electronics), Mic Mikina (audio feed, live mix), Micha Schrötter (worldreceiver, vocals) u.a. sowie von Musik von T. ( www.hrzfld.com ).

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt’s
“Accidental Guitar”

Experiment and concept are not mutually exclusive, and this is made evident by Berlin-based musician and composer Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt’s concept of “Accidental Guitar”. However, the outwardly emotional-spontaneous, intuitive and occasionally wild and furious qualities that are characteristic of his performances and recordings are certainly not generated “by accident” – in other words, they do not arise by chance or as a result of a spontaneous mood. “Accidental Guitar” is a holistic and grounded concept that includes three main aspects. The first of these is the creation of sounds and sound worlds by combining the guitar with distortion effects – a type of “routing” or “mapping” technique where the musician does not lose himself, however, but instead works in a deliberate manner with the tools available to him. The second dimension of “Accidental Guitar” is improvisation – an approach that Cooper Marquardt has chosen, systematically rejecting predetermined choreographies and all forms of rehearsal or planning. This applies not only to live performances, but also when making recordings in his studio. Finally, the third dimension to this concept is the specific situation that the musician encounters when playing: the atmosphere and setting, the persons, conditions and moods present in the space in question lead to a contextualisation of his music.

The carefully considered and, at the same time, situation-specific concept behind “Accidental Guitar” allows Cooper Marquardt to maintain conscious control of his work despite its experimental nature. This awareness becomes a formative element of his music, which arises from “accidents” that the musician reacts to. Ultimately, this chain of reactions results in a certain logic, which nonetheless does not restrict the spontaneous, free momentum of his work.


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