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Effluvia Recordings (ER040) Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Das Schall Promenth 2

Effluvia Recordings

(ER040) Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Das Schall Promenth 2

Imagine a caravan. There they walk in a weary collective across the Mars red dune of a feverish memory. The gusts of wind burning their cochleas and blinding their eyes with scorching, meteorite sand swifts. No haven from the powers that be, not even sleep. As they drift in dreams, this ebbing caravan, the sounds of incessant storm plagueing even their delirious, tired slumber. Dreaming of an oasis, a sanctuary from such peril, yet suddenly the spring water begins to boil and the leaves all shrivel and fall. We celebrate the tragedy of our inner caravan with Effluvia’s fortieth release to date! Here for you today we have one of the most profound drone pieces I’ve heard from our beloved Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt. Uncompromising, rupturing, strong as hell. This is the rare slice of noisey drone that our ears search for long and far. In a way, Marquardt provides the oasis, but oh how we find how little safety we have in it’s cool, cool waters. This fine musician has been creating smoldering planets of drone, or as he so appropriately titles them “sunburnt soundscapes”, with such prolific frequency that it blows you to smithereens like the confetti of whatever absurdt holidays you celebrate (he practically has a whole solar system’s worth of these planets on Effluvia alone!). The fact that he can maintain such a fast output of these spheres with a lacerating quality is something to cheer for. The caravan never gets to where it’s going, so amplify it why don’t you?

Album: Das Schall Promenth 2

Artist: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

Bitrate: 1411 kbps

Format: WAVE file

Genre: Drone, Noise, Soundscape


December 2011

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