Freitag, 2. Dezember 2011

A stronger way V.A. compilation (Part 2)

A Cubiculo noise Recording / Kopp Netlabel production
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" Cubiculo noise Recording and kopp netlabel , our first collaboration release , joining forces to present two V.A. compilation.
Dedicated to releasing noise music .
available on our respective netlabel. "

01-Elle - C2
02-E.T. (Elisabeth Flunger & Tomás Tello) - Miracle Monger
03-Glasscarpenter - Demolished Factories (Shortform)
04-Rei Rea - Tanerine
05-Playing with nuns - Legs signal
06-Dead Skull - The Ampere-Hunters In The Analogue World (Re-possessed)
07-Reator04 - Instruments psychic
08-Grab ass - Fade Faded Couch
09-Ike Stirner - bump grind slide glide
10-Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - Wrong Planet Syndrom
11-The Circulatory System - Hemorrhage
12-Whitey Alabastard - Good Start to a Bad Day
13-Der Domestizierte Mensch - Darkness in the brain
14-Painburn - Operations for lobotomy
15-Zeron Unit - Underneath my fingernails
16-Caelicus Pugna - fck_pp
17-Frozen Memory - Destiny Is The War Whore

To download the complete album, click on "VBR ZIP" link at the left of your screen.

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Artist/Composer: Cubiculo noise Recording / Kopp Netlabel
Keywords: cubiculo noise recording; harsh; noise; kopp netlabel; label; v.a.; compilation; various artists; free; download; ambient; experimental; lo-bit; diy; circuits; playing with nuns; elle; e.t.; elisabeth; flunger; tomas; tello; glasscarpenter; rei rea; dead skull; reator04; gras ass; ike stirner; sean derrick cooper marquardt; the circulatory system; whitey alabastard; der domestizierte mensch; painburn; zeron unit; caelicus pugna; frozen memory; complete; album; 2011

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