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Compilation for a Cat - Info/Press Release by Amanda Votta

Compilation for a Cat - Info/Press Release

by Amanda Votta
This compilation has been put together by myself, with assistance from Peter Bjärgö, Neddal Ayad and Michael Tanner, to help raise funds for my cat Bran’s medical expenses. At the beginning of December Bran badly injured his right hind leg. At first, the veterinarians thought he had a small fissure in his tibia, but after two weeks and new x-rays, it became apparent that the real problem was a broken thigh and hip. A piece of the bone has actually broken off and needs to be removed. The surgery will cost 15,000SEK—approximately $2,187 US—which is more than I can afford after all the previous visits and x-rays. He also needs rehabilitation after the surgery since the muscle in his leg has deteriorated and become stiff from lack of use. Bran, the cat in need, will be two years old on the 18th of March—young enough that they anticipate a full recovery if he gets the necessary surgery as soon as possible. All of the proceeds from this compilation will go directly to Bran’s expenses. I’m not profiting by it and the artists involved have kindly donated these songs so that Bran can get the help he needs.

You can find out more about Bran and the fundraising efforts here:


The compilation will be a digital download available on bandcamp the 10th of January as a donate/pay what you will release. Many of the songs are unique to this compilation and others have been previously released and are no longer available, while some will be on future releases. This compilation will only be available for a limited time, after which it may be quite a while before some of these tracks are heard again, if at all. The compilation will be available here:


The following artists have been confirmed thus far and will appear barring any unforeseen complications (those starred are contributing exclusive or previously unreleased tracks)

*Peter Bjärgö



*The Floating World

*In Slaughter Natives

*Tony Wakeford

*Desiderii Marginis

*David Galas

*The Cloisters


*The Great Attractor


*The Aves (Richard Moult)

*Brian Lavelle

*Raison d'Etre

Tara Vanflower

*Tribes of Medusa

*The Joy of Nature

*Alice Moving Under Skies

Vera Bremerton


Elizabeth Veldon

*Sathorys Elenorth

*Secrets to the Sea

*Veil of Blue

*Gustaf Hildebrand

*Chimerical Sound Engine

*Seeing Red

Madame B



*Tex La Homa

*Maarten van der Vleuten

*Agitated Radio Pilot

Susan Matthews

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

*The Implicit Order

*Troy Schafer

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