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Sadayatana 074: Suffusion of Darkness (March 31, 2012

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Sadayatana 074: Suffusion of Darkness (March 31, 2012

Unreleased track from Dan Miñoza and The Implicit Order: "Eyes Catch Fire". Hey I think that name is inspired by Buddhist on Fire...

New from Webbed Hand Records, The title track from: "Eta Carinae – Rest".

A couple new releases from Treetrunk Records: Gutterhulk and Conure.

Tracks with serial killer samples by Deafness: "Victim". Sorry about that. I like them though. Jeffrey Dahmer talking to someone about creationism. Hard to beat. But also kind of sick too.

New release from Otium by Seetyca & Etheocles Stevens: Sulphur VI.

Jack (audio subsystem) crashed just as the show was ending. I edited it together as best I could. The 78 courtesy of C.P. McDill again, this time John McCormack's "Mother Machree". Thank you.

00:00Handy (Jam) OrganizationIntro
02:20Sean Derrick Cooper MarquardtWoman on Death Row
06:37Elizabeth VeldonMy dream
10:02Creation Of Gods InsanityXiv
19:23ExuviaeLazarus Requiem
21:55The Implicit OrderAt Collinwood (No Days To Be Remembered)
25:15Samsangelswing13 Fingers Around Your Neck
28:34Luis AnteroAgroal Water Soundscape
40:20Insect HumanJa Sam Vas Ucio Ja Sam Vas Dojio 1998
43:24Red FogInfrared Shadows In The Scorched Sky
51:11A.T.M.O.M.Ночное дыхание тайги (Taiga's Night Breathing)
57:27hd5. Trilobite Hymn
59:02A Drama RadioBrave Old World (TV News) (edit 1)
59:32GutterhulkClaw Brood
65:52A Drama RadioParasomnias Parasuicide (TV Death) (edit)
69:28Sean Derrick Cooper MarquardtWoman on Death Row
69:51Eta CarinaeRest (edit)
75:36Flavien GilliéLa Pelouse Devient Jardin
77:53seetyca & etheocles stevensskin drift
87:59deafnessBad day
104:53Reverse ProjectionOld Potion
107:37Reverse ProjectionOld Potion
110:28Luis AnteroVale de Maceira Soundscape
114:13D.Miñoza; The_Implicit_OrderEyes Catch Fire
122:33The Implicit OrderAlone In A Darkened Room
127:38Joe FrawleyDescension Day
130:09Joe FrawleyI Have A Hard Time Talking About The House
135:44e:4c332 variation (untitled remix)
140:26A Drama RadioBrave Old World (TV News) (edit 2)
141:22Mescalibur and Kecap Tuyula bucket under the moon
155:21v4w.enko & d’incise21’59”
160:53Elizabeth VeldonGagging for it (political activism)
167:13Red FogAnechoic Chamber
173:02Red FogIntermission 1 ¬ Signals From The Abandoned Hospital

This audio is part of the collection: Sadayatana
It also belongs to collection: Music & Arts

Artist/Composer: John Tocher
Date: 2012-03-31
Keywords: dark ambient; soundscapes; noise; podcast; a drama radio; a.t.m.o.m.; conure; creation of gods insanity; deafness; d.miñoza; the_implicit_order; e:4c; elizabeth veldon; eta carinae; exuviae; flavien gillié; gutterhulk; handy (jam) organization; hd; insect human; joe frawley; kaztalien; luis antero; mescalibur and kecap tuyul; mhz_; perimeter; ps; red fog; reverse projection; samsangelswing; sean derrick cooper marquardt; seetyca & etheocles stevens; the implicit order; v4w.enko & d’incise; Птомаин

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