Mittwoch, 23. November 2011

Effluvia Recordings (ER033) Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Nachtmusik

Effluvia Recordings

(ER033) Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Nachtmusik

Again we are gathered here today to celebrate our sense of hearing by shoving jarring frequencies that howl at the scorching sun and the statis quo into our smoldering ears. Another single from one of Effluvia’s more prolific contributers, happily so, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt. If you aren’t already familiar with his sonic landscaping and dismantling, get familiar. This track caught me by surprise. Quicker, but the grating repetition draws this one out far and further still. A trying single, but if you get lost in it, you will not want to be found, and you may never be. What more can I say about this masterpiece screamer, this innovative noise savant, veiled in an obscure cloud of bending abstraction, and reminding us how truly individual artwork can become? To praise and analyze this man’s music through words is to speak of the beauty of the Italian language in English. Give this your undivided attention, and you will be stunted into growth, or your money back.

Album: Nachtmusik

Artist: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

Bitrate: 1411 kbps

Format: WAVE

Genre: Noise, Drone, Abstract

November 2011



1. Nachtmusik (6:00)

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